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Corporate Identity, Branding, Advertising, Media Buying
An identity differentiates an individual or entity from others in the market place and quickly identifies the subject, product, service or offering. Whether you are an individual, a famous personality, product, entity or organization each identifies from the other in its own defined ways. A strong identity differentiates from competition and helps convince potential customers to identify and trust your products and services.

Creating a strong integrated corporate style for your company along with visuals (logos etc.) sets it apart from others in the comparative world. A style that clearly reflects your identity in what you present to prospective clients, existing customers, business partners and also as to what you would like to be perceived. Capturing these and specifying the same in a series of corporate visuals (as part of a brand manual) precisely defining the exact use of corporate graphics, colors, shapes, measures and font sizes. We help design and deliver a clear cut plan and strategy to achieve your corporate identity goals.

We can help co-ordinate, short-list and recommend from a range of options, negotiate and ensure media buying. Execute ATL marketing initiatives like press, radio, newspapers, magazine advertisements, website listing, internet ads, indoor, outdoor ads, product and promotion kiosks etc. as per your defined media strategy and intent.

We can help execute advertising campaigns using the right marketing mix according to your budget, target groups and the product or service being offered.


A good brand recall is a sustained effort and translates into revenues over a sustained period of time. Customer buying behavior is influenced by a combination of factors but a good brand and a good product offering is critical for success which is highlighted by advertising.

Advertise knowing the ratings of a particular TV or Radio program not just based on its primetime slot but viewer ship and ratings that matter to your branding for the big bucks. Advertise in magazines, newspapers, weeklies or dailies based on readership, subscriptions, editorials, special promotions, special features an endless list of options to choose from.

Most often itís not necessary to be part of the clutter but then sometimes, it is important to be visible and be counted in a group. Let us help you choose the right medium to generate the right impact.

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